Implementation of the project “Development of fire resistant composite materials and their production technology in plan”

No. S-02-014-K-0093

UAB “Composite aviation” company is implementing the project “Development of fire-resistant composite materials and their production technology in the plan” according to the 2021-2027 European Union funds investment program.

Project partner: UAB “Sportinė aviacija ir Ko”.

During the project, research and experimental development activities will be carried out in order to create a fire-resistant composite material with mechanical properties no lower than those of traditional composites. In order to achieve the widest possible applicability of project results, the most widespread epoxy binders and reinforcing materials on the market will be used. The created composite material will be innovative, characterized by its wide application possibilities and commercial potential. Scientific research will be carried out, foreseen in the business plan, in order to create an innovative product, and experimental development activities foreseen in the business plan will be carried out, and a prototype of the innovative product will be created.

Project Need – A fire in an enclosed environment containing polymeric parts or products can have catastrophic consequences. This makes it very important to consider non-flammable polymers in the most risky applications such as aircraft, automobiles or building interiors. To achieve the required fire resistance of polymeric materials, halogen or phosphorus-based chemicals have traditionally been added. However, the range of fire-resistant polymers is quite small, taking into account factors such as environmental friendliness, mechanical or chemical properties, easy molding and processing.

The aim of the project: to improve the thermal and flame retardant properties of epoxy, glass and/or carbon fiber reinforced composite materials (FRC) and thus to expand their application possibilities, especially in the transport industry (e.g. aviation, car and train manufacturing).