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LAK-21 FES Selflauncher

The LAK-21 FES experience summary

Simple and safe. Does not matter where you fly, the new LAK-21 FES will get you airborne or get you home. Designed for the new FAI standard class.

50 years of sailplane design experience.

Modern composite materials, tested manufacturing techniques and, just in case, an option for an engine. The FES propulsion system has no known reports of in-flight failures, allowing you to stay confident in areas of no-lift . And yes, it is still a glider.

No sweat from rigging to landing. All controls hook up automatically. We off er to choose one of 4 our standard instrument panels. It is possible to get a self-designed instrument panel as well. Pedals and seat-back are adjustable.

TIn this highly-maneuverable glider fits 180 liters of ballast in the wings and 8 liters of ballast in the tail. The FES engine and batteries are easy to remove in case a pilot wants to fly pure glider in competition. In this case possible tp have extra ballast the fuselage. With the propeller removed, a clean and sleek nose cone is mounted on the front.

Technical data

15 M
18 M
Max TOW, kg
Wing area
Never exceed speed, km/h
G limits
Engine type
Overall propulsion system weight
  • BLDC brushless synchronous permanent magnet motor with electronically controlled commutation on system 3 phase
  • 20 kW continuous power
  • length: 100 mm
  • diameter: 180 mm
  • weight: only 7 kg
  • carbon fibre foldable propeller
  • blades shaped to the front surface of the fuselage
  • diameter: 1 m
  • automatically opens when motor starts
  • 32 lithium polymer cells
  • Average capacity of each cell: 41 Ah
  • 2 battery boxes, each weighting 17.6 kg
  • life expectancy: more than 10 years
  • battery packs supply power for all instrumentation on board
  • charger: Special Li-Po with active BMS
  • charging time:
  • 3 hours each box, if fully discharged with standard 1000 W charger
  • 1 hour each pack with op tional 3000 W charger


Instrument panel

Choose your instrument panel from these standard layouts. Custom layouts are possible under request.


Adjustable pedals

Pedals adjustable in flight to change position of legs and body during long flights.


Adjustable seat

Seat-back adjustable in flight allows changes in one’s position during long flights.


Leather handles

Leather-covered handles feel cool in your hands