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Long-standing traditions, state-of-the-art technologies The miniLAK experience
The new
generation of LAK17
Long-standing traditions, state-of-the-art technologies The LAK17B experience
The new
generation of LAK17B FES
Long-standing traditions, state-of-the-art technologies The LAK17B FES experience

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Lithuanian Aviation Plant

Lithuanian Aviation Plant (now UAB “Sportinė Aviacija ir Ko”) was established in 1969. At the time, it was (and still is) the only company in the Baltic countries on designing, manufacturing and repair of gliders and powered gliders. Aircraft Factory establishment was based on the old traditions of gliding and aircraft design in Lithuania.

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PROJEKTO „UGNIAI ATSPARIŲ KOMPOZITINIŲ MEDŽIAGŲ IR JŲ GAMYBOS TECHNOLOGIJOS SUKŪRIMAS PLANE“ ĮGYVENDINIMAS Nr. S-02-014-K-0093 UAB „Composite aviation“ įmonė pagal 2021-2027 metų Europos Sąjungos fondų investicijų



UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ įgyvendina projektą pagal paraišką  2014-2020 m. Europos Sąjungos fondų investicijų veiksmų programos 3 prioriteto „Smulkiojo ir vidutinio verslo konkurencingumo skatinimas“ priemonės 



CONGRATULATIONS to Polish pilot Christoph Matkowski !!! He flew miniLAK into a new European record !!!

Impressions & Testimonials

"The LAK-17B FES mini, Minilak, glider revealed excellent qualities of flight at low and high speed, generating a very great ease of steering, in particular for the detection of lift. Its flight behavior is very pleasant, and above, all very healthy in flight. This makes it a particularly secure glider, which should be recommended for novice pilots."

Ghislaine Facon Aerospace engineer, pilot and owner LAK-17B FES mini (Minilak)

“On April 23, 2020, I flew for the first time on my LAK 17. The glider works perfectly. Operation is simple and easy. The distance flown was 400 km. I want to thank you Vytautas and the whole LAK team for working on my glider.”

Roman Kostelnik Owner of the newest LAK-17B FES sailplane

"It is now four month ago when you transported the mini LAK to our airfield. In the meantime our club members flew the mini LAK for 60 h. The first week in August we stayed for flying holidays in Bartholomä, a small glider airfield in the south of Gemany. During that time I personally flew the mini LAK over a 530 km cross country flight. Some people in our club have been skeptical if it will be possible to perform long cross country flights with a 13.5 m glider. Everybody now is very enthusiastic and happy about the performance and the flying qualities of the aircraft. Also the manufacturing quality was pointed out. … It was a concern for me to give you a positive response about our mini LAK."

Rudi and Magdalene Voit-Nitschmann