Search for partners for international Promoting Research, Experimental Development and Innovation initiatives (PREDI) at European Business Network (EBN) events

No. 01.2.1-LVPA-T-844-01-0127

The aim of the project is to develop international partnerships and networking by seeking opportunities to participate in international EU R & D & I initiatives through the EWC.

Participation in international PREDI initiatives will be expected to involve partners in a specific one or more international EU PREDI programs (Cosme; SME Intrument; Horizon2020, Eureka; Eurostars, etc.). Active participation in the events is expected to lead to the signing of at least one agreement with international partners, obliging the applicant and the international partner to jointly apply for international initiatives (programs) in the field of PREDI.


Funded from the European Regional Development Fund co-financed project No. 01.2.1-LVPA-T-844-01-0127

Measure no. 01.2.1-LVPA-T-844 „Inoconnect“