The great FlarmMouse has gained a new powerful member into the family. PowerMouse is a more powerful stand-alone box hidden behind/below the cockpit dashboard. It has an integrated USB port which is easier to use than the SD card slot. It has a built in Bluetooth module which works with Android and iOS, a GPS module and the option of an IGC flight recorder with internal pressure sensor. The PowerMouse is based on PowerFLARM technology. A second FLARM antenna option and ADS-B (mode S) module are also available.


IGC. ENL. Pure. Second FLARM Antenna Option.


PowerMouse comes as a pure PowerFLARM module with SAR flight recorder, which can be upgraded to a IGC flight recorder with or without an ENL sensor. An additional second FLARM antenna can be installed.

ADS-B Options.


Pure. Dual Antenna option. Integrated ADS-B (mode S) receiver

PowerMouse FCC

Certified for the US market

The same functionalities like PowerMouse, except it is without a Bluetooth Module and Flarm antennas connectors have reversed polarity. It is recommended to buy Flarm Antennas from LXNAV only.

USB connector.


External USB connector for easy data exchange behind the cockpit panel.

USB Module. GPS Module. Bluetooth.

USB module, 56 channels GPS module built-in and a Bluetooth compatible to iOS and Android.

Built-in Splitter (2 communication ports)


Flarm splitter – easy to connect to second display or nav device. These are 2 independently configured ports.



IGC flight recorder (optionally)

Engine noise level – ENL (optionally)

Second FLARM antenna (optionally)

ADS-B (mode S) receiver (optionally)

Bluetooth compatible to iOS and Android

Expandable to all standard FLARM displays (3V and 12V)


Input and output

Input voltage 8-36 VDC

Consumption 0.8 W


2 RJ45 FLARM connector

USB port

2 FLARM antenna

Bluetooth BT3.0 and BT4.0 LE (Not in the F.C.C. version)

GPS module

Internal pressure

Size and weight

84mm x 55mm x 25mm

Weight only 160 grams

Mount with

To secure your PowerMouse, you can mount it with PowerMouse Mount. It will keep your PowerMouse safely mounted on the fixed place inside your plane.

FlarmLED. FlarmView. FlarmView2. FlarmView57.


Plug and play connection to any kind of FLARM display. FlarmLED shows simple flarm radar with LED indications. A very popular FlarmView indicates gliders on the display with their values. FlarmView2 is an even more advanced FLARM indicator, which gives also a basic TP navigation. FlarmView57 is the same as the FlarmView, except that it is bigger and can be mounted in a 57mm hole.

Additional information

Weight 0.0160 kg
Dimensions 9.00 × 5.50 × 2.50 cm


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