Stand-alone (80mm) digital variometer with final glide calculator, IGC flight recorder, Bluetooth, backup battery and navigation system with moving map.




Very Bright Display
S-Series Variometers Sold
External PowerFlarm Option

2 Rotary Buttons.

3 Push Buttons. SD Card.

Used for simplified handling during flight or ground operations. SD card for exchanging data (SW update, Airspace files, Waypoint files, Flight downloads).

Modern, Fully-Digital Vario. Standard size.

The vario indication needle is entirely digital on a 3.5 inch extremely bright anti-glare display. It fits into a standard, 80mm size hole in the instrument panel.


All S-series variometers have a very high 60 Hz frame rate!

Built-in Bluetooth, GPS, IGC Flight Recorder.

The S10x series comes with built-in GPS and Bluetooth modules. Integrated Bluetooth is for wireless connectivity with your Smartphone or Oudie. The high-level, Integrated, IGC approved flight recorder can also detect JET and electro engines if a MOP module is present.

PDA port. Flarm port.

PDAs or Smartphones can be connected to the system via internal Bluetooth or directly plugged to the PDA port. Flarm/PowerFlarm can be connected to a Flarm port.

Additional information

Weight 0.515 kg
Dimensions 6.4 × 8.1 × 8.1 cm


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