Standalone digital vario meter with speed-to-fly.




Very Bright Display
S-Series Variometers Sold

1 Rotary Push Button.

Rotary switch with push button is used to setup all the parameters

Mechanical Needle. Standard Size.

A mixture of mechanical classical needle operated by a stepper motor and a 2 inch extremely bright display. It fits into a 57mm size hole, which is a standard size on the instrument panel.

Internal Speaker. Audio Output. Serial RS232.

The device has a built in speaker and an Audio output. RS232 communication serves for system updates.

Mc. Ballast. Bugs.

Speed to fly indication with easy one finger setting change of Mc, Ballast or Bugs. Pre-loaded polar database for almost all gliders.

Additional information

Weight 0.156 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 6.10 × 6.10 cm


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